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International Travel Information

I have been traveling for work for many years. Whenever I'm prepping to leave, a list of questions always seems to come up.

  • What kind of plug adapters do I need, and do I also need a voltage converter?

  • Is this a carnet country?

  • What currency do they have?

  • What's the exchange rate?

Previously, I would scour the internet going to various websites to find these answers. To help simplify this process, I have put together a list that answers these questions in one simple, easy to read page. The currency column is always up-to-date with auto-updating exchange rates. To find more information about the plug types, be sure to check out this more detailed post.

One item I would love to direct you to is a multi-voltage power strip. If you are traveling from the US to a country with a 220-240V system, then beware you will blow out your power strip! These are easy to get and save you a lot of hassle.

I hope this saves you a bit of time when getting ready for your next trip. Happy travels!

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